The Power of Interconnectivity

Published on 05.05.2018 at 09:47 AM (MST) by Trilogy Team

In the last two decades, We all have seen the power of interconnectivity and the many innovations it has spawned. The Internet,  interconnected all of us and enabled a wave of innovations and completely changed how we work, live and play. Once you connect to the internet, you have access to all the available content, services and applications in the world.

Telecom networks that carry your voice and data between different systems are private and  secured networks. The networks are configured to provide specific quality for each kind of traffic they carry and some traffic such as emergency calls are prioritized over other traffic (the opposite of Net Neutrality !) 

The networks have mostly remained direct, point to point connections for each service. So telecom operators have to purchase a number of expensive,  dedicated, single purpose connectivity for each of their service requirements. It takes months to get a connection set up. Imagine if you have to buy an Internet connection for each application you use at work, such as email, e-commerce and CRM application etc. Crazy isn't it?

We at Trilogy, worked on a simple premise. What if we are able to create a single unified network that is private, secured and interconnects operators, service providers and technology companies. The network will enable near instant secured path creation (think of it as a private highway for a specific service) with guaranteed bandwidth, latency and prioritization between any systems anywhere in the world.

That power of interconnectivity opens up so many new possibilities.  It takes away the need to have so many expensive, dedicated, single purpose connections. All you need is one connection. 

Operators and service providers can collaborate to create new revenue generating solutions quickly and very cost effectively.  They can connect to any cloud applications and deploy new services without having to purchase hardware or software.  Everything from connected homes to smart city solutions to industrial IOT solutions. The possibilities are endless!!

And thus came about linX, our connectivity backbone for ConEx.  Software defined network technologies gives us the ability to create flexible network topologies and configurations. We can route secured, private traffic without expensive routing infrastructure. We brought all of these technologies to create a highly flexible and cost effective network solution.

We are excited to see the number of problems linX is solving for our customers. We want to hear from you on how you think linX can help your business.