The New Trilogy

Published on 19.10.2017 at 13:31 PM (MST) by Trilogy Team

Many of you may be wondering, Why we are rebranding to Trilogy Networks, Inc. What’s in a name?,  you might ask. Well everything. The name is at the core of an identity for any entity. We wanted a name that what reflects our mission, our passion and the problems we solve.

Communication is the most vital resource on earth after air, food and water. Networks are at the heart of what makes communication possible and it affects every aspect of our life. Our expertise and our mission is in managing such networks. We keep them up and secured at all times. We take pride in building scalable and resilient networks. And so we chose, Trilogy Networks!

We started Trilogy in 2013 as a diameter as a service company. The business objectives were focused on creating an interconnect solution to LTE roaming. We offered managed services with the diameter signaling router platform with a goal of connecting the rural wireless carriers. Since then Trilogy has been working on a number of other projects in densification and network virtualization.

Telecom networks are isolated and fragmented. Every network has to have its own core services that are rigid, expensive and complex. Most of the network functions are available only on custom hardware. The networks operators are locked into a single vendor for a whole generation of network technology. Integrating the functions has always been custom work and takes many months.  

Because of this isolated nature, basic functions like provisioning, network monitoring, billing, security and other support systems have to be deployed in every telecom network.  Network operators cannot share their resources with each other even if they have excess capacity available.

Meanwhile, we observed three major trends in the networking landscape. They had the potential to disrupt how these networks operate.

Custom hardware based network functions were getting replaced with software based virtualized solutions. This brings about the flexibility and configurations required for a cloud based architecture.

High speed connectivity with low latency were getting affordable and available in more locations. Telecom data centers across geography can be interconnected to create a unified network.

Increasingly, networks are becoming software defined with never before seen network features for routing traffic, isolating traffic, managing access and configuring security controls. Software defined networking with cloud based management systems, allows networks to be completely re-engineered. Network engineers are able to completely re- architect their network architecture and manage them centrally in a cloud based system.

Software is eating everyone’s lunch. What happened to computing is now happening to telecommunication.

That got us thinking about how Trilogy can disrupt and transform how these telecom networks operate. We envisioned a platform to interconnect all the network operators and technology providers and deliver services on it. We want it be very secured and private for telecom networks. We want the platform to have all of the basic functions of a telecom network available so it does not have to be deployed in every network. We want network operators to be able to share their resources on the platform with other network operators. We wanted a way to make it easy for new solutions to be easily integrated and tested in an innovation lab. Thus was born ConexTM.

ConexTM is the world’s first private cloud for telecom. It allows connectivity, collaboration and resource sharing among the partners. It will come with all the standard cloud features and support services required for a typical telecom network. We want to make it easy for technology providers to launch new services in days or weeks and not take months. We want it to be the platform of choice for the stakeholders and build the ecosystem with one partner at a time. You can learn more about it on our site at

As with any cloud platform, ConexTM enables you to reimagine how network functions are deployed and how services are delivered. If you have a network resource that you want to share with other operators, make it available onConexTM. We will help you with discovery, integration and monetization.

If you have a cool network technology, we can help your customers discover, explore, purchase, integrate and deliver on ConexTM.  In the next coming weeks and months, we will be announcing a lot of new things on ConexTM. Sign up for our newsletter and keep up on many exciting things to come!