The global digital transformation is driving the adoption of real-time video surveillance by enterprises that want state-of-the-art security monitoring as well as advanced analytics such as facial and object recognition.

Traditional video surveillance solutions are set up using inadequate IT methods based on a “closet full of servers” scenario. This inefficient use of hardware resources makes these solutions expensive and hard to manage.

Outdated IT practices result in a "closet full of servers" scenario


An intelligent on-prem video solution with on-demand resources for real-time analytics and alerting would give enterprises the advanced security options they desire. This type of solution would also provide enterprises with a modern storage solution to efficiently move the massive amount of video data from the edge to the cloud.

For enterprises and system integrators installing video surveillance and analytics solutions, ConEx provides centralized video management, cloud storage, and archival and direct connectivity from the edge to the cloud

    ConEx EdgeGate and EdgeHub delivered as a managed service eliminates disparate video IT systems and provides optimized resources for data compute and storage.

    • Edge Gate
    • Server
    • Storage
    • Cloud Software

    Manage your distributed video systems centrally with automated application deployments and storage management.