Enterprise automation driven by connected devices requires a robust wireless network to handle the massive amount of data. However, traditional network configurations are not adequate for the job due to a wide variety of issues related to connectivity, latency, security and orchestration.

Current models for deploying network functions are not designed for distributed environments and they limit scalability. Each network requires custom configurations and management that increase operational vulnerability and security issues.

Focus on mission-critical network deployment and performance rather than the underlying infrastructure, network and connectivity.


A private LTE network with compute, network and transport infrastructure at or near their facility would give businesses the low latency and network performance required for effective enterprise automation. This new approach would allow network monitoring and security to be centrally managed in real time with increased anomaly and threat detection using artificial intelligence across the distributed network.

  • Flexible
  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Scalable

For operators and integrators deploying LTE network functions at the edge, ConEx delivers robust network connectivity, secure data delivery, simplified network orchestration, and dynamic internet peering.

ConEx EdgeGate provides a cloud-native platform for operators and integrators to accelerate the time to service.

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