Inadequate Cellular Infrastructure

Cellular networks have to increase capacity and coverage to support subscribers and mission critical applications while keeping costs low. Network operators need access to a dense network to service this ever increasing demand.

Coverage gaps increases subscriber churn

Dropped calls results in frustrated users

Flattened data revenues limits new investments

Network operators have to address two main challenges:

Offloading users to small cell networks and delivering good user experience

Global Mobile Data Traffic Growth Forecast

  • 18xgrowth in last five years
  • 7.2ebusage per month at the end of 2016
  • 7xgrowth expected from 2016-2021

Key drivers for this growth:

  • Increased mobile phone users

  • Mobile Video Browsing

  • 4G Video Streaming

  • Internet of things (IOT)


Offload to a global footprint of Wi-Fi hotspots and small cell networks.

Network operators can offload their users to millions of small cell networks around the globe reducing roaming costs and provide good user experience. Trilogy’s access gateway supports data offload and voice calls for access from both trusted and untrusted networks.

Our solution can handle data offload, voice calls and handoffs.

Trilogy’s small cell solutions are available on ConEx, our private cloud of network operators and technology providers. ConEx partners get access to these solutions when you join ConEx.


Small cells are the fundamental building blocks for 5G architecture. Investing in small cells today is a strategic path for transition to 5G.

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