Trilogy LTE Services Rebrands as Trilogy Networks and Launches ConEx™ Private Cloud and Partnership Program

Published on 19.10.2017 at 10:32 AM (MST) by Trilogy Team

Conex allows network operators and technology providers to share resources to lower costs, create new revenue and postion for the future

Boulder, CO. – October 19, 2017 –  Trilogy today announced the launch of Conex™, the world’s first virtual private cloud for the telecom industry, as well as the Trilogy Partnership Program (TPP) for regional wireless network operators. Trilogy will also rebrand itself as Trilogy Networks, Inc. to focus on the Network-as-a-Service provider space to deliver cloud based managed services to network operators, industries and enterprises.


With the increased adoption of virtualized network functions and software defined networking, the global Network-as-a-Service industry is expected to grow to a $9.61B market by 2021. With the launch of Conex™, Trilogy is positioning itself to lead the growing opportunity for managed network services delivered from the cloud.


Conex™ enables an unprecedented level of collaboration amongst network operators and technology solution providers to launch new services, share resources and skills and monetize their assets. With features like connectivity, provisioning, network management, innovation lab and monetization, Conex™ reduces time to market and saves costs for deploying new solutions.


“Resource sharing has always been very challenging for us. The service delivery model and disruptive business model that Conex™ brings to our industry will help to optimize our operational costs.  It is a game changer,” said Albert Kangas, General Manager and COO of NewCore Wireless.


“As the industry looks to monetize IoT and prep for 5G, Conex™ provides that path, the tools and the platform need by all carriers today. Our goal is to make Conex™ the platform of choice for connectivity, collaboration and sharing resources amongst network operators and service providers,” said George Woodward, CEO of Trilogy Networks.


Trilogy also announced the Trilogy Partnership Program (TPP) for regional network operators. The program aims to help regional operators realize economic benefits  representing them as a unified network for nation wide build out for IoT and 5G. TPP provides operators a scalable solution to stay competitive.


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Trilogy​ ​is​ ​a network-as-a-service​ ​company​, with cutting edge solutions for densification and virtualized network functions. Trilogy’s operates Conex™, world’s first private cloud for telecom networks. Conex™ interconnects network operators and service providers to share resources and deliver new solutions for cyber security, IoT and 5G infrastructure. For more information visit our website


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