Announcing Trilogy Networks – STL Partners 100 edge companies to watch in 2023

Published on 05.06.2023 at 09:35 AM (MST) by Trilogy Team

Announcing Trilogy Networks – STL Partners 100 edge companies to watch in 2023

Trilogy Networks, Inc. is excited to be announced as one of STL Partners 100 edge companies to watch, highlighting those who are making waves in edge computing and have exciting developments coming in 2023. Position in edge ecosystem: Network (IoT platform, Edge gateway); Edge Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS); Application/Software (Software application); Notable achievements in 2022: Trilogy and Veea has partnered with Microclimates to package their combined precision agriculture solution with Microclimates’s affordable, scalable universal control system that monitors temperature, humidity, CO2, watering and ambient light using hundreds of sensors, with 24/7 monitoring and alerts.

An edge computing use case they help to enable: Trilogy Network’s product FarmGridTM is a digital agriculture platform that simplifies data access from the ground and other sources on a single private cloud. It standardizes deployment and operations of precision agriculture solutions allowing customers to manage their operations with accurate real time data and insights on a single pane of glass. FarmGrid provides a private network for the farm and abstracts all the complexities of access and transport of data from different networking technologies. You can find more information about Trilogy and other Edge Computing Companies here


About Trilogy: Trilogy is focused on digital transformation for agriculture, food security and sustainability. Trilogy launched FarmGridTM, a digital agri-food platform, to transform farming into a digital enterprise. The platform accelerates adoption of digital solutions by making available standardized digital infrastructure to a global ecosystem of innovative app developers. Trilogy is on a mission to bring this digital infrastructure to 2.1 million farms in the US. Trilogy founded the Rural Cloud Initiative, a coalition of network operators and technology providers committed to promoting and accelerating the digital transformation of rural America. In conjunction with network operators and solution partners, Trilogy is utilizing its LinX™ virtual private network and ConEx™ service delivery platform to build a unified, distributed cloud capability on a single network fabric to cover 1.5 million square miles. To learn more, please visit ---------- Media Contact for Trilogy: Tomas Rodrigo Mendez