Announcing Trilogy Networks – STL Partners 100 edge companies to watch in 2022

Published on 01.02.2022 at 15:10 PM (MST) by Trilogy Team

Announcing Trilogy Networks – STL Partners 100 edge companies to watch in 2022        In this article, we spotlight 100 companies (in alphabetical order) who are making waves in edge computing and have exciting developments coming in 2022. This list was created by asking companies to submit themselves, therefore this may not be comprehensive and representative of the full spectrum of edge companies making waves in 2022. All of those featured below entered our “Edge companies to watch in 2022” competition. Entrants spanned from global, established companies to new ventures that only began last year, providing a rich snapshot of the growing edge computing ecosystem.   Trilogy Networks Position in edge value chain: Hardware (Server; Switchers & routers; Hardware maintenance & operations); Network (Interconnect; IoT platform; Edge gateway; Cloud connect; Content & application delivery); Edge Cloud Infrastructure (Edge aggregation & orchestration; Multi-cloud platform); Integration & Services (Systems integration; Design & engineering; Professional services)   Notable achievements in 2021: Trilogy Networks launched their FarmGrid Digital Platform for precision agriculture, which is powered by a distributed cloud and edge computing network, and have deployed edge compute network providing connectivity at the Grand Farm Innovation Site in Fargo, ND. They have secured a $15M USD agreement with Inland Cellular to deploy edge compute / precision agriculture to 18,000 farms, as well as agreements with 30 rural carriers.   Ambitions for 2022: Trilogy is aiming to launch a simplified, standardized, packaged product that includes preset core solutions, edge compute hardware and software, with access to incremental applications. They are planning a commercial rollout of edge infrastructure to 10 rural geographic markets critical to accelerate adoption of edge applications, and to accelerate 5G and edge computing through the deployment of Cloud infrastructure in 10 rural operator networks.  


Trilogy Networks, Inc. is deploying a hybrid multi-cloud network across 1.5 million miles of rural America, leveraging the underutilized assets of over 1,000 rural operators on a single network fabric. This network offers hyperscale cloud providers like Microsoft, AWS, Google, IBM, and fortune 500 enterprises a friction free path to 2M farms and an even larger number of endpoints for energy, telehealth and distance learning industries that require advanced digital transformation solutions. Trilogy launched FarmGrid, a farm-to-cloud integrated connectivity and cloud solution, combined with a marketplace of curated precision agriculture and farm automation applications. FarmGrid is focused on the farmer – easy to deploy, use and digest - delivered as a digital experience on a monthly subscription model. This award-winning solution and partnership with industry leaders, positions Trilogy for significant growth in a rapidly growing market for digital transformation of farms. To learn more, please visit or

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