Don't be saddled with many dedicated circuits with different standards. It's time for LinX.

Each connection is limited to a single service

The problem we face today is that there are multiple, independent and expensive point-to-point connections.
The problem is compounded by the lengthy times it takes to bring each connection online.

Single purpose, dedicated transport facilities are inefficient

It's an expensive way to attempt to interconnect with Edge locations

No standardized way to interconnect billions of devices at the Edge locations


A single connection to all of your Service Providers and Edge locations.

Private LAN Network

Interconnects service providers and Edge locations. Private and secured network with traffic isolation

Naturally Redundant

Built in naturally redundant mesh network providing peace of mind in the event of a node outage

One Connection - Multiple Routes

A single connection to LinX provides you with the ability to access to multiple routes around the world

One Connection – Multiple Locations

A single connection to LinX provides access to a growing number of meet points across the globe

Flexible Service Connectivity

Create near instantaneous connections for new services via a dedicated provisioning portal

Unified Network

Creates a unified network of devices, Edge locations and the cloud - opening up new opportunities for Service Providers

Pay a single monthly port fee and get access to all services.

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Flexible service creation and management

Benefits for You

Stay competitive with virtualization

LinX provides Tier 1 carriers for your IoT business. Minimize operating costs & maximize business opportunities for IoT.

Thing Makers

One connection to reach millions
of your devices using LinX

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Service Providers

Consolidate your connectivity and
reduce your costs with LinX.

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