Service Delivery At the Edge

Introducing ConExTM

Trilogy's Service Delivery Platform built for the Edge

One of the biggest challenges with the Edge is the lack of standardised platforms and equipment to run on. This results in costly and time-consuming custom code for nearly every deployment. This slows down project delivery and time to market.

ConExTM​ has been engineered to deliver a consistent environment across all Edge locations handling everything from deployment to monetization.

This means your services can be packaged, shipped and tracked to the Edge faster than ever.

Build once, deploy everywhere with ConExTM

When coupled with LinX, ConExTM​ ​empowers you to bring a best-in-class, private, high-speed network together with an Edge-centric ecosystem. ConExTM​ provides fast deployment, effortless management and reduced time to revenue for Edge workloads and applications.

This standardized environment means you spend less time configuring your applications and workloads and have more time ensuring your clients get the best service you can deliver.​

ConEx​TM Features

ConEx​TM​ ​the cloud-native Service Delivery Platform built for the Edge


ConExTM enables you to reimagine how your Edge applications and workloads are deployed and delivered. Contact us to learn more

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