We Bring Cloud To The Edge

The Trilogy Advantage

Today’s telco, celco and cable leaders are focused on delivering edge computing to major metropolitan areas where there is a concentration of existing infrastructure and identified revenue streams.

By taking advantage of our partners’ vast network of existing infrastructure Trilogy is answering the need for edge computing in underserved markets with high revenue opportunity.

Our combination of strategic geography and available infrastructure allows us to deliver edge 10x cheaper and 10x faster than our competitors.

Our revolutionary Edge Delivery Platform gives enterprises a new way to collect, compute, transport and protect data at the edge to improve operational efficiency and lower costs.

We are responding to the explosion of interconnected everything with the creation of a secure single on-ramp network and dynamic compute ecosystem that is perfectly positioned to support the rapid evolution of IoT, 5G/LTE networks and cloud-native workloads and applications at the edge.


George Woodward


Industry​ ​veteran,​ ​wireless​ ​visionary,​ ​decades​ ​of​ ​sales​ ​and​ ​wireless experience,​ ​extensive​ ​network,​ ​volunteer​ ​firefighter,​ ​first​ ​responder​ ​and grandfather

Venky Swaminathan


Problem​ ​solver,​ ​loves​ ​big​ ​ideas,​ ​constant​ ​strategizer,​ ​solutions​ ​architect, value​ ​creator,​ ​news​ ​junkie,​ ​husband​ ​and​ ​father

Nancy Shemwell


Senior executive with a record of stimulating dynamic growth across diverse, global business environments. Transformational leader with an ability to create strategic vision and successfully execute.

Cindy Brown


A financial agent of change with expertise in all aspects of the life cycle of a business. Partner with Brown Welch McAllister, LLP and previous CFO/CIO experience includes Blockbuster, Cadbury Schweppes and Dr. Pepper/7Up.


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