Trilogy is a visionary in the rapidly evolving Edge ecosystem.
We are bringing together locations and applications in innovative ways for the Edge of tomorrow.

Trilogy is delivering the interconnectivity needed for billions of connected devices, applications and networks to work in unison to realise the massive potential of the future Edge applications

Trilogy is building a standardised Edge compute platform.
This platform is the keystone for the orchestration of billions of devices at millions of Edge locations.


ConExTM ​is​ Trilogy's cloud-native compute platform at the Edge.

ConExTM empowers you to build once and deploy in millions of locations using one integrated platform.

  • Connectivity
  • Orchestration
  • Monetization
  • Security
  • Management


Access Networks

Private wireless networks require Edge computing to handle the critical "Last feet" connectivity. ConEx delivers this essential network control in a single integrated portal designed to handle the demands of modern Multi-access Edge Compute.

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The world needs to need to interconnect billions of devices across millions of locations but todays ecosystem isn't up to the job. What the world needs is an efficient, standardized way to interconnect it all. LinX and ConeX deliver the zero-touch self-discovery needed.

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IIoT - Industry 4.0

Globally, we're seeing the widespread roll-out of connected Industrial Automation. This mission-critical robotic equipment requires ultra-low latency control applications running at the Edge. ConEx provides everything needed to achieve this rapidly and at scale.

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Trilogy is actively seeking partners in both the Edge location and Edge application provider areas.
If you’re a Central Office or a Data Centre looking to Edge-enable 
or you want to deploy services for your customers at the Edge,  we should talk.





We at Trilogy believe strongly in partnerships. We combine our partner's technologies and our productizing and service delivery capabilities to deliver a great solution to our customers. Its a win-win-win!. Come partner with us.